Blockchain Secured CBD Lab Test Certification

Secure | Transparent | Verified

Blockchain Secured CBD Lab Test Certification

Secure | Transparent | Verified

Consumers flock to brands they trust.

We offer the only Blockchain data security platform crafted to provide CBD brands with a transparent, immutable certification of their CBD lab test results.

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  • Immutable, verified CBD lab results.

  • Backed by Blockchain technology


97% of Medical Professionals surveyed listed the fear of failing a drug test as the #1 reason their patients don’t take CBD.


Lab test results that never change after publication.

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Each batch is individually verified through unique batch ID’s.

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QR Code Syncing For Individual Product Packaging.

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Peer to Peer

Complete record of transactions through peer to peer verification of transactions.

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A distributed system with no single authority. Records are public and cryptographically secure.

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Certification Icons Ensure Brand Trust And Consumer Loyalty.

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The smart, clear value proposition for high quality CBD brands

Educated consumers will no longer buy just any old elixir. Prove your brand’s commitment to quality with a CBDLabChain QR Code right on the bottle!

How it works


Data Storage Combinations

With evolving test result sets we built CBD LabChain to be flexible. Customize your brands data sets to fit your unique consumer needs.


Network Node Peers

Decentralized, distributed blockchain network.  Transparently trustable results.

Trusted Blockchain Certifications

Creating industry wide standards for CBD Lab Tests with secure, immutable results recorded on the blockchain.


Secure CBD Lab Test Results

Setting a new standard of security in the CBD industry. We integrate your current and future lab test data into verified batches recorded on the blockchain.

  • Move your lab test operations onto one the most secure platforms

  • Peace of mind for consumers, retailers, and researchers of your CBD brand.

Immutable Records

No central authority controls your lab results and once published they are guaranteed to never change.

  • 5 times as secure as third party lab test not recorded on blockchain

  • Once published these records guarantee, efficacy and require no further management from either party

Blockchain Verified

Verified batches served in a transparent, immutable fashion. Viewed in seconds on the blockchain.

  • QR code scan implementation for quick and easy verification on every products
  • Host a database of lab test on your site with dates,. downloadable records and product to client transparency

How it works?

We’ll have you set up in just 3 easy steps! Evaluate, Integrate and Launch. It’s that easy to have your CBD Lab Test results verified on the blockchain.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Setup your brand profile.

Sync testing center data sets.

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